CTV Allows Advertisers To Reach 80% Of US Households

Deal Direct With JamLoop’s Innovative CTV Ad Platform

Connected TV (CTV) advertising enables companies to reach their target audience across all smart TVs and OTT devices. JamLoop gives companies the power to pinpoint their audience with Connected TV advertisements during premium, ad-supported shows provided by popular networks.

Advertise On All CTV Devices

As of 2022, there are a variety of methods to stream CTV content besides smart TVs.  With the spread of Connected TV apps such as Hulu and Twitch, these CTV programs have been transformed into mini-television sets. You don’t need to have a television to watch TV anymore. You can stream CTV content through devices that connect to your television through an HDMI or mobile application downloaded to your phone or tablet.  Popular examples of devices that connect to your television are Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and the major gaming consoles.

Measure and Optimize Your CTV Advertising

Using JamLoop’s powerful DSP, advertisers are able to track the metrics they need for their CTV advertising campaign.  These metrics include reach, frequency, and impressions.  Our advertising platform delivers the accuracy and precision of digital reporting to tv.  Get a transparent look at statistics that measure your campaign’s performance, without needing to guess.

Get Started With JamLoop

CTV advertising is far more advanced than cable television advertising, which is why businesses are rapidly changing their ad budgets over to Connected TV solutions. Now is the time if you haven’t started advertising on OTT/CTV platforms. Contact our team to find out more about the advantages of a CTV Ad platform.

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