AdExchanger: This DSP Sees A Future With Local Streaming Advertisers

AdExchanger Associate Editor Alyssa Boyle spoke with our Founder/CEO Leif Welch for an article on the CTV advertising landscape. The article lays out what sets the JamLoop CTV ad platform apart from the variety of organizations selling CTV ads:

  • JamLoop is a DSP – our platform gives advertisers direct access to streaming TV providers to run ad campaigns.
  • Our focus is on local CTV advertising giving advertisers reach to as many people as possible within a certain location or region nationwide.
  • JamLoop’s adtech stack is built in-house and includes our proprietary bidder that gives more control over the data used for targeting and the transparency advertisers require to see how campaigns perform and to make quick adjustments.

Visit AdExchanger to read more about JamLoop:

“The DSP space is pretty jammed, but that hasn’t stopped new, specialized demand-side platforms from spawning.

“Many are fighting for a sliver of the CTV pie.

“There are DSPs for out-of-home, B2B, health care, politics, small businesses and local marketers.

JamLoop is one such DSP.”