CTV/OTT Leads TV Viewership Over Cable For The First Time

Connected TV Is Now #1 Across All US Households

Each year more and more households cut the cord while streaming subscriptions continue to rise.  This turning point is an important moment for streaming companies and the CTV industry as a whole. TV measurement firm Nielsen recently published that in the summer of 2022, streaming platforms outperformed cable networks and experienced the largest share of U.S. TV viewing.

CTV and OTT Lead The Way For TV Viewing In 2022

Total streaming usage in July rose 3.2% in June, and total time spent streaming averaged nearly 191 billion minutes each week. According to Nielsen, every one of the five measurement weeks of July 2022 now makes up five of the six highest-volume streaming weeks on record.

Advertising platforms focused on CTV/OTT continue to develop, adapt, and advance — helping advertisers reach their target audience in ways previously unimaginable. The previous two years have seen significant improvements in audience targeting, measurement, and ad delivery, as CTV/OTT advertising platforms like JamLoop introduce demographic-based targeting, geo-targeting, and fine tune conversion tracking capabilities.

Advertisers Are Catching On and Increasing Budgets For CTV/OTT Campaigns

Advertising on platforms like Hulu, Pluto, Netflix, and Roku is becoming more popular as advertisers begin to shift their media budgets towards streaming.  The key advantages CTV/OTT advertising platforms like JamLoop provide are focused on better reach and scale for every dollar spent in streaming ads.

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