CTV Advertising Opportunities Soar

In November 2023 for the first time more people signed up for ad supported streaming TV services – over 11 million, versus those who signed up for ad-free streaming subscriptions. MediaPost’s Wayne Friedman shares more details in a TelevisionNewsDaily article.

Today, most of the US population watches one or more ad-supported streaming TV services. What does this mean for advertisers?

The surge in sign-ups points to a growing availability of connected TV ad inventory – and an expanding pool of audiences accessible through CTV advertising. Brands, political candidates, and their agencies can gain a strategic advantage by targeting audiences watching ad-supported CTV entertainment and news content.

It underscores the need to develop innovative advertising strategies and creative ads and choose the right CTV advertising platform vendor to deliver a measurable impact with audiences. This ensures the effectiveness of advertising to tap into a diverse market of consumers and influencing their purchase decisions or to vote for a political candidate.

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