Scale Up Your OTT/CTV Advertising for 2022 Holiday Shopping Season

According to a recent Insider Intelligence report, U.S. holiday sales are expected to surpass $1 trillion and increase over 3% over 2021.  E-commerce sales is expected to increase 15% and reach $230 billion in total sales.

This year will see a early start to the shopping season and advertisers will need to spend more budget earlier in Q4 than the typical Cyber Fiver period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.  This forces advertisers to get ahead of the curve with targeted advertising and enough deals/savings to cater to the more budget conscious consumers.

Advertisers Turn To CTV For Better Targeting This Holiday Season

As connected TV continues to surge in popularity for 2022, advertisers are spending more to reach highly targeted and engaged audiences across OTT/CTV platforms.  From a report conducted by IAB earlier in the year, 75% of ad buyers consider CTV advertising a necessity for reasons that include better targeting, ad placement, and analytics.

US Holiday Season Retail Sales, 2015-2021 (billions and % change)

Using OTT/CTV Advertising For Holiday Shopping Success

Smart advertisers are scaling their ad budgets for connected TV more than ever before as they prepare to target consumers in Q4 2022.  OTT/CTV advertising enables brands to leverage first-party and third-party data on potential customers, location data by region or ZIP, and behavioral data in ways traditional TV fails to provide.

Highly-Targeted Streaming Audiences

CTV advertising platforms like JamLoop allow brands to target household and consumer trends like interests, behaviors, in-market buyers, and more.

Highly-Located and Personalized OTT Ads

Reach audiences inside every DMA, state, region, and ZIP code.  JamLoop enables advertisers to pair IP addresses to houses in order to personalize ads by behavior, interests, and unique segments of consumers.

Analytics and Insights For OTT/CTV Ad Campaigns

Another advantage OTT/CTV advertising platforms such as JamLoop have to offer is their extensive ad reporting tools that supply audience insights and key metrics like reach, impressions, frequency, and placement data.