Timing is Crucial for Political Advertising: Delaware Campaign’s CTV Success Story

In the world of political advertising, effective timing is crucial. A recent example involves a Delaware-based advertising agency, relatively new to Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising, navigating these services just days before Christmas for a local political campaign.

The agency had primarily focused on digital and social media advertising. It faced a challenge when it needed to place a last-minute holiday-themed opposition ad. However, the firms the agency approached to place video and TV ads were not able to provide the necessary approvals in a timely manner given the deadlines set in advance of the holidays.

The agency needed to quickly implement its opposition communications strategy. They turned to CTV DSP technology company JamLoop and the high-touch service and expertise its CTV/OTT account management team could provide.

Pulling Off a Holiday Miracle

JamLoop’s CTV account management team, led by Kelly Pompeo, collaborated with the agency’s ad buyer to work within their tight timeframe. Pompeo not only provided insights into the CTV and OTT market landscape but also pointed out the JamLoop platform’s political capabilities and laid out why it would play a pivotal role in the campaign’s success.

Pompeo worked with the agency’s ad buyer to understand their goals and budget. Pompeo helped educate the buyer and walked them through the proposed CTV and OTT ad campaign strategy, such as the creative, the frequency, and the real-time reporting.

As a result, the JamLoop team was able to pull together an insertion order and launch the campaign the next day — on Christmas Eve. The campaign ran over the course of the holidays, delivering hundreds of thousands of impressions to targeted voters. The agency was able to track the performance of the campaign in real time through the JamLoop dashboard, and to optimize the delivery and the pacing along the way.

JamLoop Gives Political Candidates a Winning Advantage in Elections

One distinct advantage JamLoop has over its competitors is due to its “CTV-first” focus, packaging an extensive number of capabilities for political CTV advertising while providing real-time transparency into ad campaign performance. JamLoop’s ability to scale advertising campaigns with good reach and frequency in small geographies and deliver political ad schedules in full with no surprises give political campaigns a winning edge in elections.

JamLoop’s DSP technology takes election year advertising to the next level with key capabilities that proved instrumental in the success of a last-minute Christmas campaign. The platform’s precision targeting using real-time data, integration with political data sets and using campaigns own data along with hyper-specific audience segments based on intricate factors like voting history and psychographics. Additionally, JamLoop’s proprietary bidding technology ensured optimal resource allocation, working within the campaign’s budget, preventing wasted impressions and strategically guiding bids.

The JamLoop platform’s commitment to transparency and real-time reporting allowed for nuanced insights into campaign performance, facilitating data-driven decisions and on-the-fly adjustments. Together, these capabilities showcased the adaptability and effectiveness of the CTV and OTT strategies, even for those navigating the terrain for the first time.

The success of this Christmas political ad campaign underscores the adaptability and effectiveness of CTV and OTT advertising strategies, especially when paired with the sophisticated capabilities of a platform like JamLoop’s.

Please contact us if you want to understand the potential for CTV and OTT advertising to give your election campaigns a strategic advantage for the 2024 election cycle.