JamLoop Bolsters Political Advertising Team, Streaming TV a Decisive Strategy to Win 2024 Elections

In the ever-evolving world of political campaigns, the race is on to harness the full potential of streaming TV technology and data-driven strategies. JamLoop’s impact-based CTV/OTT buying platform is a strategic move that will help candidates appeal directly to the voters, which is pivotal to winning in the 2024 primary and general elections.

JamLoop Political Advertising Team – To aid political campaigns CTV strategy JamLoop has added two political advertising experts to its bench. Rich Crone joins as Director of Political and Michael Schiefer as Political Account Manager. Their goal is to empower campaigns, consultants, agencies, and candidates at the local, state and national levels to effectively reach and influence streaming TV audiences.

Rich CroneRich Crone, a seasoned veteran of the television industry, now spearheads JamLoop’s political strategy. With a remarkable track record in political advertising, Crone has a proven track record having achieved unparalleled success have led the sales teams at Comcast Spotlight and Effectv during the 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022 political cycles. Notably, his efforts played a pivotal role in achieving groundbreaking results for the campaigns and runoffs in Georgia and the Southeast US. His role at JamLoop is to provide invaluable expertise to assist campaigns at the local, state, federal, and issue advocacy levels, helping them leverage the power of OTT and CTV streaming to reach audiences across all devices.

Michael Schiefer is another veteran in the broadcast industry. Schiefer boasts over two decades of experience in political and brand advertising. Schiefer’s impressive resume includes overseeing national sales for Cox Media for a decade, as well as his tenure with CBS Radio and other leading broadcasters. He brings a wealth of expertise in managing complex and high-volume regions in the advertising business. Schiefer’s extensive relationships with agencies, consultants, and brands are set to play a pivotal role in JamLoop’s mission to reshape political advertising on streaming services.

JamLoop is the Strategic Advantage Political Campaigns Need to Unlock Power of CTV Advertising

JamLoop has strategically positioned itself as a game-changer in running OTT/CTV advertising campaigns at the local, city, state and national level. The JamLoop platform gives political campaigns the ability to target key messages directly to voters with pinpoint precision  by state, DMA, city, county and ZIP. JamLoop’s real-time dashboard gives political advertising buyers the direct feedback they need, with the ability to fine-tune campaign tactics with rapid results.

JamLoop empowers political candidates to engage with voters in a highly precise and strategic manner by helping them to resonate with audiences across every streaming device. Its capabilities extend the reach and increase frequency of candidates appeals to voters and households at the device and IP level.

The secret to their success? Campaigns benefit from the combination of JamLoop’s demographic data and the insights gleaned from integration with partner Transunion and L2‘s political databases. This synergy of campaigns’ voter data along with JamLoop’s extensive data empowers candidates to engage directly with voters to compel them to make informed decisions and to turn out to vote in primaries and general elections.

The strategic move by JamLoop represents a significant shift in the political advertising playbook. Traditional outreach methods are slowly giving way to more targeted, data-driven strategies. The mission is clear: to provide candidates with a direct line of communication between them and their potential constituents.

JamLoop is redefining how political campaigns harness streaming TV to make a powerful impact on the 2024 elections.