How Advertisers Are Winning With Ad Supported Streaming Platforms

As more people change their spending habits and cut the cord for streaming platforms, there is tremendous excitement for ad-supported streaming content.  Major streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ have announced plans for an ad-supported tier to attract more subscribers and advertisers to their platforms.

In 2022, half of the streamers in the US use at least one free ad-supported service and as a result the investments on OTT/CTV ads made by brands and agencies have doubled since 2020.  According the IAB, connected TV (CTV) and OTT ad spend is expected to reach $20 billion by the end of this year.

New CTV Targeting Brings New Advantages To Advertisers

With this jump in streaming viewership, advertisers can capitalize on the unique advantages that connect TV offers.   These advantages include:

  • Targeting audiences by demographics, interests, and geo-location
  • Scalability and flexible ad management
  • Publisher inventory and opportunities
  • Ad tracking and real-time analytics

The digital advertising industry continues to innovate and CTV/OTT is at the forefront.  Ad buyers are leveraging the audience targeting and performance analytics that comes with CTV advertising to reach their advertising goals.

Reach Audiences With Scale

Connected TV enables advertisers the ability to target audiences on household and consumer trends such as interests, behaviors, in-market buyers and much more.  Advertisers can reach their audience inside every DMA, state, region, and ZIP code with scale.

Delivery Ads For Local and Mid-Market Brands

With curated inventories of publishers and content providers, advertisers can deliver campaigns to specific content that their audiences enjoys.  This guarantees that their advertising campaigns will run on qualified placements that can be selected prior to launch.  And as more content goes to streaming, advertisers can run CTV/OTT ads on any TV show, news outlet, movie, documentary, and sporting event.

Optimize Campaigns With In-Depth Analytics

With CTV advertising platforms like JamLoop, your campaigns can be monitored and optimized using extensive ad-tech that includes detailed audience insights, KPI tracking, and location insights.  Some of the most important metrics like reach, impressions, frequency, audience and geo-mix can all be reported on a daily basis.