Embracing the Shift: Higher Quality CTV Advertising Captivates Gen Z and Millennials

A New Era of Digital Advertising

Gen Z (60%), Millennials (56%) Say CTV Runs Better-Quality Ads

In the swiftly evolving landscape of digital advertising, a pivotal shift is occurring, especially among the vibrant Gen Z and Millennial audiences. MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan reported on a recent study in MediaDailyNews revealing a staggering preference for Connected TV (CTV) among these younger generations, with 60% of Gen Z and 56% of Millennials acknowledging the superior quality of ads on CTV compared to their cable and satellite counterparts.

The JamLoop Advantage: Tailored Technology for CTV Excellence

At JamLoop, we’re acutely aware of this paradigm shift and are adept at navigating the unique challenges that agencies encounter when allocating budgets for OTT/CTV advertising. Our suite of services provides a potent mix of top-tier DSP technology, deep media planning expertise, and comprehensive operational resources to deliver reliable and effective results.

Proprietary DSP Technology for Next-Level Campaign Optimization

Our proprietary DSP technology is crafted with an unwavering focus on OTT and CTV. This specialization is evident in every aspect of our operations—from the meticulous sourcing and curation of premium inventory to the dynamic optimization of campaigns in real-time, culminating in our robust reporting interface. These facets collectively underscore our profound dedication to OTT and CTV.

The Forefront of OTT & CTV Advertising: Precision Targeting with JamLoop

JamLoop stands at the forefront as a buying platform for OTT & CTV advertising, equipping brands with the capability to reach streaming TV audiences. Whether they’re tuned into the latest series, movies, or live sports, our proprietary bidding and audience targeting technology grants us an enhanced level of control and insight. This, in turn, facilitates a high-touch, transparent customer experience.

As the advertising terrain becomes increasingly integrated, with campaigns marrying search with CTV to craft more cost-effective strategies, JamLoop remains committed to innovation and affordability. We are not just keeping pace but setting the tempo for how mid-market agencies can harness the power of CTV to captivate the attention of the youngest, yet most discerning, consumer generations.

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The digital advertising landscape is being reshaped by the preferences and behaviors of Gen Z and Millennials, who are drawn to the enhanced quality and relevance of CTV advertising. JamLoop is perfectly poised to help your brand leverage this shift. With our state-of-the-art technology and deep industry expertise, we’re ready to guide your agency toward the forefront of the OTT/CTV revolution.

Discover the difference that a focused CTV advertising strategy can make. Contact JamLoop today to schedule a free demo, and see firsthand how our platform can amplify your reach and resonate with the most dynamic audiences in digital media.