CTV Advertising Will Tip Scales in Voter Turnout Battle

Elections 2024: CTV Advertising Will Tip Scales in Voter Turnout Battle

In the ever-evolving landscape of political campaigning, connected TV (CTV) advertising has risen to prominence as a powerhouse for voter engagement. With staggering 67% of the voting population tuned into streaming TV, CTV has firmly established itself as a go-to platform to reach voters.

In the 2024 elections, winning political campaigns will leverage the innovative potential of CTV advertising to mobilize voter turnout.

Deliver Specific Candidate Messages to Targeted Voter Segments

What sets CTV advertising apart is its superior ability to target specific people and households, making it a potent tool for driving voter turnout. Political campaigns can leverage a vast array of demographic data that can surpass what is traditionally available for advertising. Campaigns have local campaign data and can access data via state and national political parties, consultants. Add in data from sources like TransUnion’s TruAudience and L2, political advertisers can craft tailored messages aimed at new, independent, swing, committed and a host of other voter segments. The targeting ability of CTV advertising nearly mirrors the effectiveness of door-to-door campaigning.

A study by the Leichtman Research Group highlights the ubiquity of CTV use among US adults, with nearly half streaming TV via connected devices daily. This trend spans across age groups, cementing CTV advertising as a crucial channel for engaging voters of all demographics.

With political campaigns projected to spend upwards of $10 billion on advertising in 2024, allocating a significant portion to CTV advertising is not just advisable – it’s essential to winning the turnout battle.

Deliver CTV Ads Locally, Nationwide

JamLoop CTV advertising platform for political advertisers offers all the advanced targeting capabilities along with expansive reach at the local level, nationwide. By harnessing JamLoop’s DSP technology and self-service dashboard, political advertisers can deliver political candidates’ messages directly to potential voters, fostering meaningful connections on a local and personalized level.

In an electoral landscape where every vote counts, mastering CTV advertising through JamLoop could be the key to securing victory in the 2024 election cycle.

With eight months till the general election with dozens of state primaries between now and then, the effectiveness of CTV advertising cannot be ignored. With its superior targeting capabilities and widespread use by most people in the US, CTV advertising stands as a formidable tool for driving voter turnout and securing electoral success. With JamLoop, political candidates have the means to unlock victory in 2024.