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From Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Delaware, JamLoop’s OTT advertising platform, and the Philadelphia team can help your company.

JamLoop is a Demand-Side Platform that can help your business achieve your OTT, CTV, Streaming TV, and Digital Video advertising goals. Our team can help your company navigate and optimize your next campaign. Receive an unmatched experience with JamLoop.

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JamLoop's OTT Ad Platform Offers Geo-Targeting Advertising

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We’re not just a reseller, We ARE the OTT Buying Platform. We have built & operate our own bidder and we buy direct from Publishers, giving you unmatched benefits in these areas:
  • Actionable transparency
  • Pricing and execution efficiencies
  • Peace of mind in knowing what you are buying
  • Client experience that is fast, flexible, and fun
JamLoop's OTT Ad Platform Offers Geo-Targeting Advertising

What is OTT?

OTT (Over-The-Top) media describes TV-like content that you can now watch via an internet-enabled device without having to use traditional cable or satellite. Consumers connect through an internet-enabled device, typically Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Xbox. In addition, most new televisions from the major brands like Vizio, Samsung, LG, etc. are internet-enabled and can stream content directly to the screen.

OTT is sometimes referred to as CTV, although there are some nuances between the two terms. CTV (Connected TV) describes the big screen that may sit in your living room or bedroom on which you actually consume the content. While OTT is used to describe the app streaming experience and CTV is simply the screen type, they are often used interchangeably in the advertising industry (for better or worse) because they represent two complementary aspects of the “new” television. You may have heard the term “cord-cutting” and that is exactly what this is describing — People are switching from traditional cable and satellite services to streaming apps for rich, on-demand television viewing experience.

JamLoop’s OTT Advertising Platform can help your Greater Philadelphia business reach audiences using these types of media.