How to Buy OTT Ads

Many Americans have cut their cords — canceled their cable or satellite television — preferring streaming services over traditional television. This has made over-the-top (OTT) advertising vital to any marketing strategy, as it allows you to reach the cord-cutters.

Where to Buy OTT Ads

When you are buying OTT ads, there are two main sources: you can buy OTT ads through a platform or from the publishers.

What are publishers?

Publishers are content providers that stream their video programming through OTT apps on different devices. These publishers include A&E, Discovery, CBS, ESPN, NBC and many other programming networks.

Suppose you buy your OTT ads from a publisher. In that case, you are limited to whatever is available for that publisher, and you have to make deals with each individual publisher, which can be expensive and time-consuming. For example, if you buy OTT ads from Amazon, you can have your advertising available on all Amazon devices. That is all you have access to, though, so if you want to have ads elsewhere, you have to contact other publishers.

What are platforms?

If you buy from a platform, you can advertise a wider range of content from different publishers, and the platforms can help you fine-tune your campaigns to help you target the right audience.

An OTT platform is designed to allow you to make it easier for you to distribute your ads. A platform will buy the space for your ads from any publisher, relieving you of the headache of trying to work with each individual publisher on your own. This means you have greater access to your audience, regardless of what device or app they are streaming on.

Benefits of OTT ad platforms

One of the great things about buying your OTT ads through a platform instead of through a publisher is that you can utilize our advanced targeting features so that your ads reach the exact audience you want. The targeting can be as detailed as you want it to be, based on any number of demographics and data. If there is a certain region you want to target with a specific ad that is different from other, more widespread ads, you can do that easily with OTT ads.

Another great perk is that the ads are usually not skippable. Cable companies will often offer customers the ability to skip commercials, but OTT ads are usually not skippable, so people are seeing your ads. Hulu, for example, will not let you fast forward or rewind past ads; you have to sit through them if you want to keep watching your show.


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