OTT/CTV Advertising


Deal directly with the platform, don’t deal with the middleman. Why

1, 2, 3…very simple. 

1 – JamLoop is an OTT/CTV ad platform company. Unlike most vendors that simply resell inventory purchased on another ad tech provider’s platform, we built & operate our own proprietary OTT-first DSP engine. Being so close to the platform inherently gives us advantages for insights and control over delivery. We buy inventory directly from Publishers under preferential terms, giving you unmatched transparency, control & pricing efficiencies in ways that a basic reseller can’t.

2 – Our campaign managers are platform experts who work as an extension of your team to engage in a dynamic and flexible process, saving you time and money while achieving great, measurable results.  Since we own and operate the ad platform, our campaign managers have the controls directly at their fingertips to take immediate action — from getting creative live quickly to monitoring reach and frequency to making mid-campaign zip code adjustments — resulting in timely and accurate responses to evolving campaign needs. No long turnaround times, no “I’ll get back to you on that” while contacting 3rd party ad platform providers to understand underlying issues and to reach resolution.

3 – Many vendors include non-premium, short-form content in a loosely-defined inventory mix called “OTT/CTV”, yet they don’t offer fully-transparent reporting to disclose it. As resellers, some vendors don’t even fully understand the inventory mix themselves because they don’t own & operate their own ad tech platform. By contrast, JamLoop’s platform provides impression-level detail for all campaigns via a self-service, real-time reporting dashboard.  We bring transparency to the process so that you know exactly what you are buying.