OTT/CTV Advertising


JamLoop’s audience targeting solution is purpose-built for OTT/CTV, reaching over 80 million households and representing over 90% of U.S. homes . Through our data platform partners TruOptik and LiveRamp, we can activate on 14K+ unique data segments from dozens of branded 3rd-party data providers, including comScore, Experian, Lotame, Oracle, L2, i360, Polk, V12, Kantar and many more. 

Targeting types include:

  • Geo (National, State, DMA, County, Zip, Political District)
  • Demo (Age & Gender)
  • Income & Education
  • Behaviors & Interests / Lifestyle & Attitude / Purchase History / Content Verticals / Political Affiliation
  • Device & Screen Type

We support onboarding and targeting against “opt-in” 1st-party CRM data, and re-targeting against IP addresses and device IDs. We provide real-time campaign reporting against any of these targeting parameters at the impression-level.

Targeting in CTV/OTT leverages online and offline data such as browsing behavior, purchase history, app usage, location history and household zip codes to target audiences based on demographics, behaviors & interests, or household addressability, which goes far beyond what is possible in traditional TV. Since consumer ad exposure is tracked in real-time, the success of an OTT ad campaign can also be measured and optimized in real-time.