Okay – not the final word on mobile and TV and the ad connection

I thought the last post would sum up the connection that seems obvious between TV and mobile. With all of the recent press from companies like AT&T AdWorks TV Blueprint (see: tying mobile usage data (anonymous, of course) together with TV viewing data from U-Verse set tops (anonymous, of course), it’s more likely that the conversation is just getting started. So, let’s start. Applause to AT&T AdWorks. What they are doing is quite creative – leveraging cross screen usage data to inform pay TV media planning should help provide better planning when contemplating geography or device usage patterns for brands buying TV.

What still exists for brands, however, and is exacerbated by the exact devices from which AT&T’s TV planning data is being culled, is that the audience no longer watches video just on pay TV alone, or on mobile devices alone. The audience picks and chooses which content to view on-demand (and often live/linear) from OTT content providers side-by-side with pay TV content providers, on devices ranging from Roku boxes to XBoxes. And smartphones and tablets. And yes, pay TV’s, DVR streams, video-on-demand (which finally has dynamic ad insertion at some scale) and TV Everywhere apps (which sometimes have normal TV ad loads and sometimes repeat ads over and over, more like online video), fit into this on-demand revolution, too. But for the brand, how do they access this inventory? How does their agency or a trading desk create reach when an audience is platform agnostic, but media buying and creative asset deliver is not?

Well, that is what JamLoop’s Big Video Marketplace helps to solve. At its core, we’re creating a marketplace for accomplishing TV like scale across consumer purchased connected devices in a programmatic or managed buying environment. Read more about our Big Video Marketplace – or better – just contact us today to learn more.

The Final Word on Mobile + Connected TV = A TV Sized Audience

More about the linear TV spend: if 95% of your TV budget still goes to linear TV buys, then while there is no denying that you have made it easy on yourself to deliver a message at scale, you must also accept that that message is not being heard and seen by the TV channel audience like to used to. It’s being skipped over with a DVR remote control (a subscription service, lest you forget), or even being avoided entirely by watching the content a season behind schedule, commercial-free, from a streaming subscription service on a connected TV device. To reach that premium video consuming audience, brands need to keep moving budget to streaming, out of linear premium content where the total time spent viewing (and total hours viewed) are decreasing from fewer subscribers, and more options. Even the linear MVPDs understand this – hence Xfinity, X1, DirectTV trying to buy Hulu. And the networks do, too…hence Hulu being pulled off the table.

But if you combine all of the IP connected devices into a single channel (mobile + connected TV), with video as the predominant ad format for that channel, and you leverage big data to find audiences across that channel, so that you can deliver video advertising to devices at scale and to a high value audience that can be finitely measured (without violating any personally identifiable information), then you are not wasting anything in your media spend. You are only paying for exactly what is delivered. And with optimization, you can drive down your effective cost by participating in network and exchange inventory. All while reaching the exact audience you reach spending in digital desktop and linear TV – because they’ve moved on. You need to move on, too.

More on mobile plus connected TV – the real audience shift

And so, if you are a brand advertiser, and you treat mobile as one channel and video or even TV as another, you are definitely missing your audience (that is quickly moving to an always on-demand, delivered over an IP network to a personally owned device type of experience). You are back to wasting an ever growing portion of your ad spend, and you should actually know this time which half. You are definitely wasting the digital budget that is still going primarily trying to find desktop audiences. Most publishers, retailers, and major media content owners that have invested to reach a range of devices see upwards of 40-60% of their desktop traffic having already moved over to smartphones and tablets, whether in-app or mobile web traffic. So, that same amount of your digital spend should move, accordingly, to those mobile devices as a channel. But to really perform in cross device advertising, you can not stop at mobile. You need to leverage your 30 second TV spot and deliver that big brand impact to the big screen – and connected TV allows that to happen while using the same tracking and targeting you used in mobile. That’s not to say you should forget about display and rich media on devices. Because those formats matter, and can be leveraged to work in coordination with video campaigns by taking device usage context into account.

JamLoop Chosen One of Region’s Top 10 Start Ups!

Recognized as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in the Greater Folsom/Sacramento region (co-founder Peter Ansel resides in Fair Oaks), JamLoop is pleased to present a bit about itself and the connected device advertising ecosystem at the Future of Folsom 2014 event at Folsom Lake College on May 29.

Mobile + Connected TV Continued….

What’s so interesting about combining mobile and connected TV as a consolidated marketing channel? Besides that fact that the technical challenges to find audiences are actually quite similar (no support of cookies, fragmented platforms, multiple interested parties), it is that big TV’s ad budget is not currently focused on an IP delivered path, at all. It is sitting on linear, the world of QAM networks and broadcast buys. But as TVE apps and new quality streaming services continue to gain popularity, that budget is also going to move to on-demand viewing, supported by dynamic ad insertion. And mobile’s ad budget is coming from the digital spend – namely a shift away from desktop dollars where content consumer are picking up tablets, smartphones and phablets instead of laptops and PCs.

For brands that are evaluating the fluid state of available advertising inventory, this mash-up of two different business models, with dollars coming from linear and desktop budgets to fund mobile and connected TV, is most apparent in the video format. And that’s a good thing, because video advertising in the linear TV channel still captures the largest share of brand advertising budgets. (And for major live events, that will continue in the future.) Mobile + Connected TV is the real convergence, a massive mash-up that is even reflected in the measurement of media, with Nielsen and Facebook partnering to create new performance indices.

JamLoop Live on Air! Listen on Clear Channel iHeartRadio

Leif Welch, to be interviewed live today on Clear Channel Radio talking about our solution that helps advertisers reach targeted audiences across screens. We combine real time Liquid Inventory with Ad Cloud IQ powered audience segments to provide scale of affinity based targeted audiences, on phones, tablets, phablets, connected TVs…..

Details are here:

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Date: Wed, April 30, 2014
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