Using OTT Advertising to Increase Your Presence Locally

Advertising is all about getting attention for your business, and if you have a physical location, you want to target a local audience. The advertising landscape has gone through some significant changes in recent years. New avenues have opened up for companies, including over-the-top (OTT) advertising, also known as advertising through streaming services instead of cable or satellite television.

While using traditional marketing methods allowed brands to target their local audience, they were still casting a fairly wide net when it came to who was seeing their ads. Viewers might be in your city, but your product is not relevant to every single person who sees the ads. However, thanks to having more control over who sees your OTT advertising, you can now target specific demographics to make it so that your ads are relevant to the majority of the people who see them. This can be used to help increase your local presence.

Putting Your Efforts to Work

You probably already have an email marketing list and social media accounts for your business. You can put all of that to work for you with your OTT marketing. The behind the scenes information that comes with those social media followers and email lists can be used to send your OTT ads directly to them on their connected streaming accounts and devices.

The data can also be used to develop a full profile of your audience so that you can learn more about their demographics to design your advertising plans.

Applying Location Technology

Once your target audience’s profiles have been constructed, GPS technology can be integrated to reach both your current audience and your potential audience.

Let’s say you have a restaurant and you want to bring in a bigger lunch crowd than you currently bring in. With location technology, you can have your OTT targeting send your ads to people within a certain range of your restaurant, and you can even focus it so that those ads come through around lunchtime.

You can bring in your repeat customers with this, and make new customers decide that your restaurant sounds like a good place to stop at today.

Do I Need to Use OTT Advertising?

More and more people have been cutting cords — dumping cable and satellite television in favor of streaming services — in recent years, so as the consumer behaviors shift, the advertising industry needs to shift its behavior too. With streaming services as an option, people have been turning away from the scheduled programming and lengthy commercial breaks in favor of watching what they want when they want. Therefore, using OTT advertising will help you reach some of those cord-cutters that you would otherwise be less able to reach. Plus, it gives you so much more control of targeting that it is highly beneficial to you to start using OTT advertising to increase your digital and physical presence.


OTT advertising is the best advertising choice in the modern world, and JamLoop is here to make it as easy as possible for you. Contact JamLoop today to get started!