Audience Targeting on Video Across Devices2

Audience Targeting on Video Across Devices2

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I thought the last post would sum up the connection that seems obvious between TV and mobile. With all of the recent press from companies like AT&T AdWorks TV Blueprint (see: tying mobile usage data (anonymous, of course) together with TV viewing data from U-Verse set tops (anonymous, of course), it’s more likely that the conversation is just getting started. So, let’s start. Applause to AT&T AdWorks. What they are doing is quite creative – leveraging cross screen usage data to inform pay TV media planning should help provide better planning when contemplating geography or device usage patterns for brands buying TV.

What still exists for brands, however, and is exacerbated by the exact devices from which AT&T’s TV planning data is being culled, is that the audience no longer watches video just on pay TV alone, or on mobile devices alone. The audience picks and chooses which content to view on-demand (and often live/linear) from OTT content providers side-by-side with pay TV content providers, on devices ranging from Roku boxes to XBoxes. And smartphones and tablets. And yes, pay TV’s, DVR streams, video-on-demand (which finally has dynamic ad insertion at some scale) and TV Everywhere apps (which sometimes have normal TV ad loads and sometimes repeat ads over and over, more like online video), fit into this on-demand revolution, too. But for the brand, how do they access this inventory? How does their agency or a trading desk create reach when an audience is platform agnostic, but media buying and creative asset deliver is not?

Well, that is what JamLoop’s Big Video Marketplace helps to solve. At its core, we’re creating a marketplace for accomplishing TV like scale across consumer purchased connected devices in a programmatic or managed buying environment. Read more about our Big Video Marketplace – or better – just contact us today to learn more.

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